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Digital knowledge and content

Today, the world is going through qualitative transformations driven by technological acceleration and the digital revolution, especially those brought about by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, robotics, and others. With the aim of eliminating digital illiteracy, we are taking promising steps with our partners today to build an integrated ecosystem to spread digital knowledge, enhance technical content, and activate the role of specialized technical communities in all that is new in the field of technology to achieve sustainable development, which contributes to creating opportunities to increase the social and economic impact of using technology. Believing in these opportunities, we launched initiatives that seek to create an attractive environment for creative ideas, motivate them with passion and interest in the technical aspect and enrich Arab technical content through a number of innovative means and creative tools that suit the target group, with the participation of a group of experts, specialists and technical amateurs from different countries of the world.

Knowledge and digital content initiatives

Attaa' initiative

Aims to spread digital awareness by building a volunteer community of trainers and volunteers to manufacture digital knowledge and sharing it with various groups of society through events and training programs.

Think Tech initiative

Aims to spread awareness of the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution to achieve sustainable development and build an innovative, creative and integrated generation, through virtual laboratories, future trucks and panel discussions, to build a dynamic digital society.